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more know-how for your
Last Bucket List.


   Trial & Heirs   

Triumph Award

Who wins from celebrity Will screw-ups?

YOU—in this edutaining book by attorneys Danielle and Andy Mayoras. Learn from A-lister mistakes in this deeper dive into estate planning.

THIS FREE LINKSITE is for Last Bucket List readers to find the resources that inspire them most. Did we miss something that belongs on this page. Do tell.

Creative Award

THE TREASURE HUNT TO YOUR LIFE. For peace-of-mind for your family, just fill-in the blanks with the vital details they'll need when it comes down to I'm Dead, Now What?


LEAVE MEMORIES—NOT A MESS. That's what you'll find inside a Nokbox, because your Next Of Kin won't have to go scrounging for all your paperwork. All your policies, directives and forms in one place, and not in the last places they'll look.

Concept Award


A DEEPER DIVE INTO ESTATE PLANNING—for those who groused that Last Bucket List wasn't deep enough. Estate Planning Basics is concise, straightforward and written in plain English—without a punchline in sight.


Gain a fresh perspective when you're...

Last Bucket List book cover
  • Losing sleep over not having a Will
  • Realizing your old Will is hopelessly outdated
  • Pushing that foot-dragger of yours up a hill
  • Anxious about leaving kids and pets unprotected
  • Wanting to create a sendoff in your own way
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