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for your Last Bucket List.


your own sendoff for your Last Bucket List.


Why leave it up to others?

Especially family members you rarely agree with. Ensure your life celebration is about your life.

Start here:

THIS FREE LINKSITE is for Last Bucket List readers to find the resources that inspire them most. Did we miss something that belongs on this page. Do tell.


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WHO WILL TELL YOUR STORY WELL? A Life Celebrant who you choose. But where do you find such a professional in your area? In the Life Celebrants International directory.


HOW DO YOU FIND A LIFE CELEBRANT? In your area? Who you like? And relate to? In the Celebrant Foundation & Institute directory. The search is free. 

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WHICH LIFE CELEBRANT WILL BE A GOOD FIT? Here's another good directory from FuneralWise, if the other two above don't work out.


WHO NAMES A CREMATION SERVICE TULIP? Answer? Tulip. Easy to set up in advance, with no need to visit a funeral home. 

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Concept Award

OFFERING CREMATION SERVICES NATIONWIDE, Neptune Society can help you pre-plan your arrangements, taking the task off your family and easing their minds.


HOW DO YOU LOCATE A FUNERAL HOME near you that can guide you through preplanning? Put your city into the search bar and see.

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"IT'S YOUR FUNERAL" is more than an expression. It's a good reason to preplan, to take the worry off your loved ones. Don't know where to start? Start at Ever Loved.


Gain a fresh perspective when you're...

Last Bucket List book cover
  • Losing sleep over not having a Will
  • Realizing your old Will is hopelessly outdated
  • Pushing that foot-dragger of yours up a hill
  • Anxious about leaving kids and pets unprotected
  • Wanting to create a sendoff in your own way
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